Wine for us should be the absolute, most authentic expression of a territory, never moody and solemn, but always welcoming and approachable. Oenological choices, therefore, have always been characterized by total recognition of the territory’s varietals, underscoring the greatness of the crus and terroirs, the nature of the varietals and the distinctive features each imparts to the wine.

Vinification proceeds in the traditional way, adopting the best techniques to preserve the varietal purity of the wine, without exaggeration, but also without die-hardism. The awareness that every harvest has a value and an individual nature leads us to adapt vinification according to the year, enhancing its particular features.

Nobilitating refinement – In keeping with tradition, Garesio favours long fermentation and maceration in stainless steel tanks and delicate, balanced extraction.

The use of wood is decided with extreme care. We favour large or medium-large vats, Austrian and French oak tonneaux and barrels. For our prize wines we use oval Stockinger barrels – Austrian wood aged for at least 5 years, in which the character of Serralunga Barolo acquires refinement and expresses the best of itself through a perfect, continuous exchange of oxygen between the outside air and the wine.


Produzione aziendale di energia da fonti rinnovabili: solare fotovoltaico compreso solare termico e pompe di calore.
Costruzione di fabbricati per lavorazione e la trasformazione prodotti su terreno già impermeabilizzato.

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