Garesio winery is placed at Serralunga D’alba, in the middle of the “Langa”, land of wine, which is inscribed on World Heritage List along with Roero and Monferrato.

The Langa, region of Barolo, looks like a mosaic: the secret of its beauty lies on the patchwork of green tones of its hills, characterized by the harmonious succession of vineyards and thickets.

 Serralunga D’Alba is certainly one of the most typical village of the area: founded on 1224, it maintains still today its original medieval form. The map of the city is, indeedm based on concentric streets and defensive walls, while the access to the city is regulated by a door system.

On the top rises up the old castle, built at the beginning of XIV century, property of the Marquis Falletti. Its purpose has never been a defensive one: the castle was designated to the control of the main productive activities. Nearby there is the old chapel, with its gothic bell tower.

This peculiar region of Piedmont, the Bassa Langa, is the land of great aging wines; this tradition is so deep rooted, that intensive viticulture shapes landscapes and territorial identity.

These are lands of wine, World Heritage Site, ultimate destination for every tourist, who dreams of beauty and wants to discover the fruit of the earth and their transformation in delicacies: truffles from Alba, hazelnuts, dishes of old tradition, genuine and various.

But the territory of Langa is not just rural reality, but also a cultural centre. Cultural events, fairs and festivals are made possible by its identity, the excellence of its peculiar wine and food, renowned all over the world and the charm of its history, architecture and arts.


Produzione aziendale di energia da fonti rinnovabili: solare fotovoltaico compreso solare termico e pompe di calore.
Costruzione di fabbricati per lavorazione e la trasformazione prodotti su terreno già impermeabilizzato.

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